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Veterinarians Pasadena, CA Offering Exceptional Care for Every Pet

Altadena Pet Hospital and their veterinarians have served Pasadena, CA and surrounding cities since 1942, offering compassionate veterinary medicine to keep pets healthy and nurture the bond between animals and people. Our dedication to quality is evident in everything we do and offer here at our animal hospital.

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Practicing Excellence in Veterinary Care at Our Pasadena, CA Animal Hospital

Our veterinarian, Dr. Baljeet Sahi, and his knowledgeable team have significant training in the latest veterinary protocols and best practices, and use cutting-edge technology for a wide variety of services, including surgery, diagnostic testing, teeth cleaning, and more. In addition, we treat every pet as an individual, and tailor their treatment plans accordingly.

Veterinary Services Available to Pet Families in Pasadena, CA

Higher Level of Quality and Convenience for Pets and Their Owners

In addition to meeting your pet’s most essential needs, our Pasadena animal hospital also offers more extensive tools, such as endoscopy and ultrasound, to administer a higher level of care. Furthermore, we want to make your pet’s health care more convenient for you, and to be available to help with other needs as well, such as taking care of your pet while you are out of town for a short time. Whatever you and your pet need, we will do all we can to accommodate you.

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