Dog Training in Altadena, CA

Behavioral Counseling and Dog Training in Altadena Make Everyone Happier

Altadena Pet Hospital understands how interpreting different behaviors can be an important diagnostic tool. Your pet’s behavior is one of the ways he or she can communicate a specific need, fear, joy, or pain.

When pets begin to exhibit destructive or aggressive behaviors, they may be in pain instead of just mad at the world. Other behaviors may be a sign of anxiety or the signal of a joint problem. Our professionals work with you to determine the cause of these new undesirable behaviors.

Behavioral Counseling

We assess your pet with a thorough hands-on examination, including blood work, to rule out any medical reasons for the undesirable behavior. If there is no underlying illness that requires treatment, we may prescribe medication to lessen the anxiety.

Dog at our animal hospital for training

Obedience Dog Training

Just like people, some dogs need extra help to be their best. Altadena Pet Hospital can recommend several local trainers to help you curb improper pet behaviors. We help you to help your pet!

If your pet seems out of sorts, call us at (626) 798-0738 or fill out our online form to schedule a pet behavioral counseling assessment.