Dog and Cat Allergy Treatment in Altadena, CA

Good Pet Skin Care Means Better Pet Health

Altadena Pet Hospital’s veterinarians are well aware that the skin is the largest organ of any animal’s body. Determining the cause of your pet’s skin problem helps us treat it properly. Just like humans, pets suffer from diseases of the skin. Food allergies, mites, fleas, sun damage, some plants, and infections cause damage to the skin and make your pet uncomfortable as well as irritable.

Pet Allergies

Altadena’s veterinarians perform blood and skin tests to establish the cause of an allergy. This allows us to make sure that your pet receives the most effective treatment. Sometimes a prescription diet is in order; for other allergies, we may prescribe hyposensitization treatments. In those cases, we show you how to inject your pet with allergy medications on a monthly basis.


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Pet Dermatology in Altadena: Dog Sleeping

Too Much Sun Exposure Can Harm Your Pet

Some dogs and cats, especially those with white fur, are more susceptible to skin cancer caused by exposure to the sun. We can remove small cancers with laser surgery, effective with a relatively quick recovery time.

Pet Dermatology in Altadena: Woman Gives Cat a Bath

External Parasites and Pet Yeast Infections

Mites and fleas live on the outside of an animal. Their bites irritate skin and can make your dog or cat very unhappy. Our most common treatment is to prescribe a preventive medication, either administered by mouth or applied topically to the skin.

Pet Skin Care Tips

Bathing can make your pet’s skin dry and flaky or cause excessive shedding to occur. We are happy to work with you, recommending the right shampoo for your pet. We help you make sure your pet’s bathing routine is a healthful one.