Pet Remembrance in Altadena, CA

Pet Rememberance in Altadena

  • Zero - Lit by Your Family who loves you and misses you. Thanks for all your love, you will remain in our hearts for ever.
  • Salem - Lit by Your family who love and miss you every day
  • Mookie - Lit by your family (who loves you and misses you very much)
  • Presley Cordova - Lit by Gene and Jolene! We love and miss you! Thanks for being in our ll
  • Patches - Lit by The Harris family (we miss you very much)
  • Koko - Lit by The Joy-Pupo family
  • Cujo - Lit by Roshon Gonzalez
  • Peewee - Lit by The Figueroas
  • Puddy Tat - Lit by K
  • Kizzy, Rufus & Trinka - Lit by Kelly
  • Einstein - Lit by Your fam
  • Oliver - Lit by Your family
  • Stanley - Lit by Your fam
  • Harvey - Lit by Your family
  • Cinnamon Sprite - Lit by Dave (who misses you very much)
  • Jed - Lit by Sue
  • Poochi - Lit by Cristina & Angela
  • Fritzi - Lit by Matt, Juli, Kathy, Ally, & Becca
  • Ricky & Tyson - Lit by Rosario, Katherine, & Brandon (we miss you & always Love you)
Pet Memorials