Dog and Cat Laser Surgery in Altadena, CA

Dog and Cat Laser Surgery in Altadena: A More Comfortable Alternative

At Altadena Pet Hospital, we are pleased to provide a less painful, less stressful alternative to traditional surgery. Rather than using a scalpel, we can utilize our advanced CO2 laser to perform a wide variety of soft tissue surgeries. We're pleased to offer this method for our patients, because we want them to be as comfortable and as safe as possible.

Cat at our animal hospital for laser surgery

Advantages of Laser Surgery

The CO2 laser has several distinct advantages over the traditional scalpel. It uses a focused beam to vaporize the tissue in its path while simultaneously sealing off blood vessels and nerve endings. Furthermore, the laser's precision results in less bruising and minimizes tissue damage.

Additional benefits your pet can experience from their laser surgery include:

  • A decrease in pain
  • Reduced bleeding
  • Less swelling around surgical site
  • Greater precision which allows for less tissue trauma
  • Reduced risk of infection (the laser beam is completely sterile)
  • Faster healing

Less pain, inflammation, bleeding and risk of infection results in a smoother recovery for your pet. Most of all, they can experience less stress from their surgery and return to normal activities much sooner.

Enhancing Safety

Dog and cat laser surgery is a valuable tool for certain surgical procedures. This is especially relevant for mass removals, dewclaw removals and cat declawing. These surgeries can be delicate and should be performed with as little damage to the surrounding tissues as possible. Heavy blood loss is always a risk with surgeries that are performed on areas containing many blood vessels and nerve endings. Laser surgery increases patient safety by reducing blood loss.

As with traditional surgery, we always follow strict safety protocols. This includes IV fluids, general anesthesia, proper pain management and monitoring.

Consequently, we are happy to offer laser surgery as a safer, less traumatic alternative for our patients. If you are considering laser surgery for your pet, we would be glad to discuss the process in more detail. Call (626) 798-0738 to speak with one of our team members and schedule an appointment.

Dogs after laser surgery