Altadena Pet Wellness Services

Altadena Pet Wellness

At Altadena Pet Hospital, keeping your companion in the best health possible is our highest priority. That’s why our veterinarians place such a strong emphasis on pet wellness care. Dogs, cats, and exotic pets need to undergo regular wellness exams to make sure they remain healthy and happy through every life stage.

Each exam serves as the first step towards a longer, healthier, and more active life. Pets age at a much faster pace than humans do, which unfortunately means that health issues can develop rather quickly. When you bring your pet in for a wellness check twice a year, our vets are better able to assess their health and detect health problems before they become too serious.

New Client Promotion

If you’re new to our hospital, we’d like to welcome you with a $25 discount on your pet’s first exam with us! We look forward to helping them get off to a healthy start in life.

How We Keep Your Pet Well

We firmly believe in the value of personalized medical care because no two pets are alike. Our dedicated vets take time to work with our clients, creating a wellness care plan that’s customized to meet your needs and those of your pet. The following is a list of the factors to consider in your pet’s overall wellness care:

  • Wellness Exams Twice Per Year: For the benefit of our patients, we recommend that pets of every age be brought in for examinations bi-annually. We conduct a full examination of your pet from nose to tail, making sure that every system is in excellent condition and working as expected.
  • Vaccinations: A personalized vaccination schedule will be created by our vet during your first wellness visit. Vaccinations will then be administered during the following wellness exams as needed.
  • Blood Work: We perform regular blood tests on our patients. This enables us to track any changes that might occur and head off potential health issues while they’re still in the early stages of development.
  • Oral Examination: During each wellness visit, our vet will evaluate your pet’s oral cavity. By examining their teeth and gums, we can check for problems that require further monitoring or treatment.
  • Pet Nutrition: We assess your pet’s weight during each visit and can provide food recommendations based on their health and nutritional needs.
  • Pest Prevention and Control: Wellness care includes regular testing for parasites and the administration of anti-parasite medication.

With the aid of our pet wellness services, we can help keep your pet healthy for many years to come. If you’d like to learn more about our pet wellness services at Altadena Pet Hospital or make an appointment, give us a call at 626-798-0738.


We are so happy to be a client of the Altadena Pet Hospital. Dr. Sahi and his incredible staff have treated our two Babies Dodger Dog and Baby cat. It’s like an extended family. The staff is very attentive and loving towards our animals. They treat all the animals, as if they are their own. — Romi & Marina

Dr. Sahi and his staff at Altadena Pet Hospital have been taking care of my two dogs for the past 6 years. Both dogs have their fair share of issues and Dr. Sahi always manages to fit them in at the last minute. He really cares about my dogs and takes the time to explain to me what’s going on. When our family goes away on vacation we always have the dogs boarded at Dr. Sahi’s facility and they love going. I feel fortunate to have found Dr. Sahi and can’t imagine taking my two dogs anywhere else for their care. — Karin L.

I have been going to Dr. Sahi for over 10 years for the care of my three dogs. He has treated my pit bull, Zeek, for various ailments. In one instance, Zeek swallowed plastic toys that got lodged in his intestines. I took Zeek to Dr. Sahi who immediately diagnosed the issue and performed major surgery. Zeek recovered fully and is still forever grateful! Dr. Sahi has provided a high standard of care for all of my dogs. To be honest, I have taken my dogs to other veterinarians for minor issues due to convenience. I have regretted those moments and now, solely take my dogs to Dr. Sahi. Dr. Sahi is able to understand and "read" my dogs. Dr. Sahi’s staff member, Terry, is always professional and hospitable. She puts you at ease at times of worry and concern. I highly recommend Dr. Sahi for all your veterinary care needs. — Monica C.

We are extraordinarily fortunate to have Altadena Pet Hospital in our community. The staff is smart, caring, hardworking, and compassionate. This is a direct reflection of Dr. Sahi’s ability to create an environment that sets the highest of standards for our furry friends and the families who care for them. In the 10 years that Dr. Sahi has been our veterinarian, he and his staff have walked with us from birth to saying goodbyes to our dearest furry friends. Dr. Sahi takes the time to explain observations, diagnoses, and the prognoses, always guiding us with the gentlest of hands. From scratches to stitches, fleas to fungus, licking to lumps, and x-rays to eczema, we could not have asked for better care for our family. — The House Family, Calvin, Tina, Simona, Stassia, Penny, Topper, Patrick, Molly, Clover, Raymond, & Fritz

We have been going to Altadena Pet Hospital for a couple years now. We love the knowledgeable, caring staff and Dr. Sahi. We feel that Rocco and Rosie are in good hands. — LaLonde D. & Nakanishi A.

I have been bringing my dog Chloe to Altadena Pet Hospital for almost ten years now. Some of those visits have been for routine exams and some visits for urgent matters. Each and every time I walk through the door I am met with a friendly, caring staff and a highly qualified veterinarian, Dr. Sahi. I have always been able to get an appointment when needed and, if urgent, Chloe can be seen within a few hours of calling. I find it very comforting to know that either Dr. Sahi or one of his qualified staff is "on call" after hours in case of emergencies and can direct me to further care if necessary or provide a worried doggie mommy with instructions to get her through the night. All in all, I would highly recommend Altadena Pet Hospital and Dr. Sahi for any of your pet’s medical needs. — Mackie C.

Eleven years ago, I had an English bulldog, Stuffie, who was burdened with numerous health issues. After having taken him to 17 vets from San Bernardino to the north valley to Monterey Park, I finally found Dr. Sahi at Altadena Pet Hospital. I was so impressed that I have never gone to another vet. I have three dogs and my number one priority, when taking them to the vet, is their care. I have been to many places where they were super friendly, but didn’t know what was going on with my dog. Dr. Sahi is a caring vet and he makes sure the animals are not in pain or suffering. He is an expert at diagnosing and performing necessary surgeries, treating skin issues, internal problems, joint problems etc. The supportive personnel, with Terry at the helm, love animals and make sure they are comfortable. I always know when taking my dogs to this hospital, that they will receive the best care. The support personnel are dedicated, thorough, and competent. I can’t give him Dr. Sahi enough praise for all he has done for my dogs. — Mang A.

We have been very happy and satisfied patrons of Altadena Pet Hospital since 2008. Dr. Sahi and his knowledgeable and courteous staff have cared for our dogs, Mollie, Fonzie and Rocky, in a very loving, caring and professional manner. In addition to veterinary care, our dogs are boarded there whenever we are out of town. On occasion we have also entrusted our "grand-doggie" to Dr. Sahi’s care, whenever Moose is in town visiting us. It is without reservation that we highly recommend Dr. Sahi and his staff for veterinary care and boarding. We know that you will not only be a happy and satisfied pet owner but you will also have happy and healthy pets. — The Coleman Family

Mi perro Gigo a sido pasiente de Dr. Sahi por mas de 6 anos. Siempre hemos sido tratados con compassion y respecto. En 2008 mientras estabamos de vacaciones en Mexico, Gigo se callo del segundo piso de la casa un dia antes de regresar y lo llevamos enseguida al veterinario. Nos dijieron que no le paso nada! En cuanto regresamos llevamos a Gigo con Dr. Sahi y descubrimos que se fracturo la cadera. Dr. Sahi inmediatamente lo opero y le salvo su vida! Son 4 anos desde su operacion, y Gigo esta feliz y saludable gracias a Dr. Sahi y todos sus assistentes. Siempre estare agradesido por todo lo que ah hecho por Gigo. — Antonio Mora

Toby es mi baby dog, yo amo al doctor Sahi, Terry y las otras ninas del hospital. Porque ellas son y el son unas personas muy amables y cuidadosas con todos las animalitos que llegan al hospital. Yo me siento super segura con ellos cuando mi Toby se queda alli. Algunas veces tengo que viajar y yo lo dejo alli. Ellos para mi son lo major yo les confio y siempre estan atentos alos problemas que tengan los animalitos. Sobre todo ese es muy importante para mi. Gracias amigos — Elisa Johnson

I have personally had nothing more than true professional care from both Dr. Sahi and his staff. They have been more than caring and respectful at all times towards my cat and me. Not once have I experienced a visit to the Altadena Pet Hospital where I felt uncomfortable and have always had a pleasant experience. I have nothing but good thoughts for everyone who has been helping my cat get well. I believe that my cat and I owe a lot of gratitude to Dr. Sahi and his great staff. — Ron Lara

I’ve used Altadena Pet hospital for six years and have had no issues with Dr. Sahi. He is one of the few vets that actually listens, is not about the money, and it’s obvious he loves animals. In fact, just moved to Toluca Lake and still bring my dog there because I don’t trust anyone else. If you are looking for someone who cares where you don’t feel like you are at an assembly line vet, this is a good place to go. They are open seven days a week and have reasonable boarding prices. The front desk staff and assistants are also very caring and knowledgeable. — Keith I.

I have been taking my eight year-old Aussie to Altadena Pet Hospital for check-ups, vaccinations and boarding since he was a couple of months old and I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Sahi and his staff. They are dedicated, friendly and professional, and they have always treated my pet and I with the utmost courtesy and respect. The best testimonial I can give... when I ask my dog, "Do you want to go see Dr. Sahi?" he runs to the car without hesitation and once he’s there he bounces with joy and excitement. — Rick H.